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The Minnity Learning Platform – a flexible solution for adapted learning

The covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown managers in elderly care the need to quickly reach out to employees, ensure access to knowledge and verify staff learning.
Long e-learning courses and in-person tutoring do not always meet these needs. In addition, the constant shortage of staff and high sickness absence in elderly care mean that smart and time-efficient solutions are needed to ensure the quality of elderly care, not only in times of crisis, but also in everyday life.

Minnity believes that digital tools that provide flexible and adaptable learning can support ederly care managers on many levels.

The Minnity Learning Platform provides access to content-rich courses whenever needed. Learning is extended far beyond the classroom and into the workplace with courses that are easily accessible on various digital devices.

Knowledge lasts longer, thanks to access to repetition and reminders.

The Minnity micro-learning platform helps organizations create a tailored range of courses both from experienced external providers and from the organization’s knowledge base. As a manager or subject matter expert, you can design internal training in minutes and update the material as needed. With our care and training experts, Minnity is available to support you from start to finish.

Through the Minnity Learning Platform, managers gain insight into how staff have accessed the training material.

Elderly care deserves high-quality and innovative digital tools that support care staff and facilitate work. Minnity as a company is based on real needs and research in elderly care. We understand the challenges and work with end-users to develop best solutions. The Minnity Learning Platform has been created with care professionals and for them. We strongly believe that a collaboration with the best training providers will help staff thrive at their jobs.

The trust we have received from our customers and training providers supports us.

We are constantly working to develop our educational activities and it feels very fun and inspiring to participate in Minnity’s microlearning, which are at the forefront of development.

– Barbro Axelsson, CEO Durewall Institutet

Test the Minnity Learning Platform with your organization – it’s free of charge for the first two months.