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Choosing movies to entertain people with dementia

Photo by Stephen Monterroso on Unsplash

Movies are a great pastime! They can bring a positive emotions for people with dementia that are very important for them. But how can movies help?

Our favorite movies and TV shows make great memories. Therefore, watching those can bring back positive memories and spark conversation for seniors with dementia and they can benefit from it as a regular activity.

Still, a movie can bring back all sorts of memories, and it’s therefore of importance to choose the right ones. Good choices often include movies with such characteristics as: • Fun and happy • Unobtrusive plot • Under 2 hours long • Non violent

What movies and TV shows does the senior in your life enjoy? Try to find movies they have watched in their past. Musicals has by far received the most recommendations. The best choice: • The Sound of Music • Singin’ in the Rain • The Wizard of Oz

Lastly, sharing the experience will help in building new memories, so remember to accompany your senior and watch with them whenever you can. But don’t forget that watching movies is just an additional tool of improving the mood. The conversation with the person with dementia is still the best that you can do to make them involved.